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Testimonials: Clients

"Very easy to work with and asked a lot of questions for things (write offs) I wouldn’t have thought of myself. I was glad to see I got a decent refund this year! It made doing my taxes much more painless this year."

"He’s very detailed and does everything he can to get you the most out of your return. He’s very personable and isn’t afraid to ask the questions that are needed. He’s quick and easy to work with."

"Jason not only traveled to our location (3 hours), he was quick, thorough, and professional. He could answer all of our questions pertaining to significant investments, purchasing, selling, and my side business! If you need a trusted tax professional, I highly recommend Shields Accounting Services."

"Jason is the real deal. He doesn't just fill in the blanks and do your books. He is the expert who looks out for you every step of the way. He considers your best interest and advises his clients based on honesty, knowledge and experience. It's comforting to know I can trust him to handle my accounting and tax stuff, no matter how many confusing tax laws change the status quo."

"Received a letter from the IRS saying we owed 40K. It was a problem with the Square 1099. Jason was able to solve this problem for us!!! He is the BEST!!"

"We contacted you just days before the deadline and you were immediately helpful. I’m very thankful for the way you were so willing to help us out with our taxes in such short notice after unexpectedly not being able to file ourselves. You did more for us than we could have done on our own and it was worth every penny!"

"I just wanted to thank you for taking your time and getting me a return I had no idea I was qualified for. It really does help to have some one who knows what they are doing but more importantly some one who takes their time to work with you and know fully what you deserve. So huge thanks for your time and hard work.

"I want to thank you for directing me to the IRS office. I was able to speak with a woman on the phone from the IRS and come to find out, my SS# was randomly picked for the identity check thing they've been doing for several years. She said they sent me a letter with instructions last March but I never received it. They were just waiting for me to confirm my identity, so now I am waiting on a new letter. There were never 2 tax returns filed in my name and they one had 1 paper copy for me - the one I sent in. It will be straightened out as soon as I receive the new letter, so thanks again!!! I look forward to scheduling our appointments with you next year."

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